Editorial Services


Julie provides editing, writing, and consulting services on a freelance basis. She has over 20 years of experience working with others to improve their writing, including creating and teaching courses at the university level, serving on staff at magazines and journals, and working with academic presses and policy research centers.

Ongoing and previous clients include Taylor & Francis academic publishing group, National Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center, Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Council on Social Work Education, Simon and Company Health Policy Development, and the George Mason University Scholars Program.

Editorial services are offered at a page rate depending on the type of editing required. If you are unsure what kind of help you need, please feel free to get in touch. For other services listed, hourly rates or flat fees are available. Please contact for a quote.


Copyediting text for consistency in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, diction, usage, and adherence to style. Proficient in APA, Chicago, AP, and MLA styles, and will adopt other styles as requested. Most manuscripts ready for submission fall into this category.

Proofreading for typesetting and formatting errors, as well as any errors not caught at the copyediting stage. This is a final read-through of the manuscript before publication.

Creating custom style guides to standardize communication within an organization or for a stand-alone publication.

Manuscript critique (aka content editing or substantive editing) to improve clarity, structure, development, tone, and flow for writing of all kinds–including academic, creative, corporate, and journalistic writing, personal statements, application essays, and reflections. Work in this category may benefit from feedback on large-scale issues, such as developing ideas and themes or reorganizing sections. An overall analysis is included, as well as some copyediting of obvious errors. But a draft that will undergo large-scale revisions will likely need a closer copyedit when it is closer to its final draft.

English language editing (aka developmental editing) to make corrections in syntax, diction, spelling, and general grammar, as well as to adjust awkward phrasings and language usage. Manuscripts in this category would benefit from close attention at the sentence and word level. Experienced in working with struggling writers and with non-native speakers of English.

Conferencing and tutoring in reading and writing of any kind at any stage, whether brainstorming, outlining, revising, or tackling a particular issue. Experienced in working with writers of all levels on individual projects or on an ongoing basis. Online or in-person (local) consultations available.

Indexing manuscripts for relevant topics and terminology tailored to target audience. Most experienced in the social sciences and humanities, but all subject matter considered. While computers may be able to produce an exhaustive concordance of recurring words, human indexers have the insight to make connections and to classify the most relevant topics into hierarchies. And only human indexers can predict how other humans will most likely use the index. : )

Feature and copywriting for magazines, newspapers, trade journals, corporate communications, and websites.

Teaching and curriculum development for reading and writing. Experienced in university teaching, course development, and workshop facilitation. Courses previously taught include creative writing, literature, rhetoric, and composition. Sample syllabi, assignments, and lesson plans available upon request.