Editorial Services

Julie provides editing, writing, and consulting services on a freelance basis. She has over 20 years of experience working with others to improve their writing, including creating and teaching courses at the university level, serving on staff at magazines and journals, and working with literary and academic presses and policy research centers.

Ongoing and previous clients include Taylor & Francis academic publishing group, GWU School of Medicine and Health SciencesNational Congress of American Indians Policy Research Center, Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Council on Social Work Education, Simon and Company Health Policy Development, and the George Mason University Scholars Program.

Editorial services are offered at varying page/word rates depending on the type of editing required. If you’re unsure what kind of help you need, please feel free to get in touch. Packages are also available for projects requiring multiple services at various stages of the work. Please contact for a quote.


Copyediting text for consistency in grammar, punctuation, syntax, diction, usage, and adherence to style. Proficient in APA, Chicago, AP, and MLA styles, and will adopt other styles as requested. Most manuscripts ready for submission for publication fall into this category.

Proofreading for typesetting and formatting errors, as well as any errors not caught at the copyediting stage. This is a final read-through of the manuscript, often laid out in galleys, before printing or posting online.

Developmental editing for syntax, punctuation, and general grammar, as well as to adjust awkward phrasings and language usage. Manuscripts in this category would benefit from rigorous attention at the word and sentence levels. Experienced in working with struggling writers and with non-native speakers of English.


Also called content editing or structural editing, this service is available for writing of all kinds, including articles, essays (including for college admissions), academic papers, corporate communications, and web copy. The focus here is on effectiveness of communication–i.e., organization, clarity, structure, tone, and flow. Marginal notes and a short overall analysis are included. Obvious errors will be noted, but line editing is not included in this service since a draft at this stage will likely undergo more significant changes before it is ready for submission, when a closer copyedit of the text would be most beneficial.


Like a one-on-one writing workshop, this includes everything under substantive editing but is more collaborative in nature, with greater dialogue between writer and editor. The emphasis here is on larger-level concerns, such as audience, purpose, development of ideas and, for creative work, craft elements and thematic development. This service includes marginal notes as well as an overall written critique and two conferences with the writer (one prior to editing and one after). Obvious errors in the text will be noted, but this service does not include line editing.


Creating custom style guides to standardize communication within an organization or for a stand-alone publication.

Copywriting for organizational publications or corporate communications. This includes copy for websites, marketing materials (newsletters, brochures, etc.), and social media content.


Feature writing for magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. Experienced in interviewing, researching, and writing on the humanities, sciences, current affairs, and arts and culture, with expertise in making information accessible and compelling to a wider audience. Selected writing samples are available here.

Coaching, conferencing, or tutoring in reading and writing of any kind at any level, from young students to writing professionals. Writing often benefits from a collaborative process at many stages, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revision, and preparation for publication (writing queries, pitches, and book proposals). Experienced in working with writers of all levels on individual projects or on an ongoing basis. Online or local, in-person consultations available.

Teaching and curriculum development for reading and writing. Experienced in university teaching, course development, and workshop facilitation. Courses previously taught include creative writing, literature, rhetoric, and composition. Sample syllabi, assignments, and lesson plans available upon request.